Join us in the fight against puppy scams

Prime Cane Corso guarantees you with 100% certainty that you will NOT be scammed using our services.

Our service is based upon a fundamental belief that adding a puppy to your family should not come with risk along with many unknowns. While we cannot ask for your trust (just yet) we will earn it through transparency, communication and delivering upon promises.

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 Accepted Payment Methods

Prime ONLY accepts payment through Secured Payment Options.  We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa Card, Master Card, Crypto and Zelle Pay.

Fighting Fraud

Online puppy scams are no match for us

We understand just how difficult it is to find a legitimate breeder, so we’ve put our experience and expertise to work for you.

Knowledge is Power

We understand there are many outlets available to find a puppy. Buying a puppy is oftentimes an emotional purchase. Scam artists who reside primarily in foreign countries such as the UK or Nigeria, prey on the emotions of puppy buyers with cute photos and videos of puppies that do not exist. Please give us a chance to serve you, your family and the pet breeding industry as a whole.

We do not expect you, an innocent puppy buyer to understand the complexities involved in thwarting these types of intricate scams. We have put our expertise to market as we sure understand how to eliminate all possible fraud.

It saddens us that scam artists have preyed on the emotions of innocent puppy buyers across the internet. Actually, it doesn’t sadden us, it infuriates us! We launched our marketplace back in 2003 with the goal of bringing companionship and happiness to millions. Over that time, we have served hundreds of millions of puppy buyers. We developed very sophisticated systems to detect and thwart fraud from our marketplaces. No matter how many fraud deterrent systems we built or how many identity checkpoints we enabled, the battle or shall we say war, over protecting YOU our customer seemed like a never ending battle.


Jennifer S.

“I want to recognize Tania, from the beginning we were so worried of course about fraud because we had been searching for puppies on fb and internet and it just didn’t seem right. She ensured us that everything was safe and communication was open. She kept us updated and I was never worried about not receiving lemon drop. I thank you for giving our family joy during this rough time with the pandemic.”


You Are In Great Paws! #SayNoToMills

We’ve matched prime Cane Corso families with loving forever homes to prominent breeders since 2003.