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Our Prime Cane Corso Puppy Health Guarantee

We are committed to connecting families and individuals with our loving, attentive and compassionate. Every puppy is at the heart of our beliefs and mission of placing healthy puppies into loving homes. The health of your puppy is a big deal. It is as important to you as it is to us! While we would love to guarantee your puppy will be happy and healthy for as long as you both shall live, a number of factors not always within our control contribute to the overall health of your new family member. In addition to your love and companionship, feeding a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise and regular vet visits are measures you should take as a responsible pet owner to keep your puppy healthy.

Even though we can’t ensure your puppy will never have a health problem, we promise we have done everything possible to make sure your new puppy is healthy when he or she is welcomed into your home! This is because we work with a network of honest and reputable vet doctors, where puppies are raised with love and compassion. Our Puppies are pre-screened and hand-picked to ensure all puppies listed for sale on our website are raised with tender loving care, socialization, exercise, comfort and affection, and proper veterinarian care. In order to meet our strict standards, every puppy has undergone an extensive veterinary health check and each puppy has followed our vaccination and de-worming protocols in an effort to ensure the puppy departs the Prime Cane Corso healthy and happy.


Comprehensive Health Guarantee

Our commitment to you does not end when your new family member comes home. In addition to your breeder’s health guarantee, we go above and beyond and provide a comprehensive Health Guarantee ensuring this transition is as stress free and enjoyable as possible for you and your family. 



                                                                                                Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time during the life of a Prime Cane Corso, the pup is found not to be compatible with the situation of the original purchaser, the pup may be returned (along with their AKC certificate) to Prime, and be replaced at no charge. The owner’s “word” is all that is needed for the replacement. And if at any time during the life of your Cane Corso, your living circumstances change, you may return the dog with no questions asked.

                                                                                                          Money Back Guarantee

Twenty five percent of the purchase price may be refunded if your Prime Cane Corso receives a Championship, CD or CDX, or any of the 1, 2, or 3 Schutzhund titles. If a total of three titles are earned a 50% refund of the purchase price is available.

                                                                                                              Show Guarantee

If the Prime Cane Corso purchased for show is shown with concerted effort and proper handling and does not finish by the age of two-and-one-half years, return the dog and the AKC certificate to the kennel and he will be replaced.

                                                                                                   Lifetime Guarantee Against Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

If at any time during the life of a Prime Corso, he/she is found to be crippled from dysplasia, return him/her to the kennel, along with AKC certificate, and we will replace the dog.

                                                                                                   Lifetime Parvo Virus Guarantee

If your Prime Cane Corso dies from Parvo Virus, return the AKC certificate along with the laboratory verification certificate and death/euthanasia certificate both with the microchip number documented on the certificates and we will replace the puppy.

                                                                                                    12-Month Health Guarantee

If your Prime Cane Corso dies or is crippled by Distemper, Hepatitis, or Leptospirosis within twelve months of age, return the AKC certificate and death/euthanasia certificate with microchip number documented on it and we will replace the puppy.

                                                                             12-month Guarantee Against Congenital Defect or Disease

If your Prime Cane Corso develops a condition dating from the prenatal stage, return the puppy to the kennel with the AKC certificate, and he/she will be replaced.

                                                                                                        Limitations of Guarantee

The guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is non-transferable. The puppy must be in good physical condition. No replacement will be given for males or females that have been bred, neutered or spayed. The puppy or adult dog must be returned to the kennel. The owner is responsible for transportation costs to and from the kennel. A payment of cost difference may be applied. Prime Cane Corso are each individually identified with a unique microchip number. Microchip numbers must be documented by your veterinarian and must be on all documents and correspondence.

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